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Blasted Cat, where have you been?” Alice inquired, approaching the strange, yet familiar creature. “You appear and disappear as you please, this is not quite helpful, you see.

✘ “My apologies, little Alice. I rather not have my head cut off once more by the Queen, you see. I’m afraid I’ll be useless to you by then, hm~?” The feline purrs as he straightens.

I shall forgive you then, if there is no other way.” Finding the feline was paradoxial. It was good and bad at the same time. Alice knew it like no other, everytime she came across that damned Cat she found despair and in the middle of  it, hope. “Can you tell what’s happening to this place? Sometimes I wake up here and in another there! In that Wonderland that is not mine.

“I see, though - “ Cheshire pauses as he vanishes from sight and reappears on one of the boulders beside her, grinning. Alice knew he was the only help he’ll get here if she were to fight off the madness in Wonderland, the one under destruction of the Infernal Train, “Wonderland that is not yours? Pray tell, dear girl; what Wonderland could it be? Your mind wanders and it forgets, but it recollects and pieces into something you do not know. This is your mind, Alice! This is the result!”

No, that’s not it!" She tried to say, but somehow the right words didn’t want to leave her mouth. How could she explain something so odd? Well— she had to try, after all, if someone could give her an answer, it would be the Cheshire Cat. "Strange things are happening… I mean… More stranger than they already are.

Alice let an annoyed sigh come off of her carmine lips. It was quite irritating to explain something almost inexplicable.

Their ‘Wonderlands’ are different from ours." She continued, looking at the Cat quite troubled. "They have ‘Alices’ and even completly different ‘Hatters’! It’s not something I have created, how do you explain that?


“… Dying’s never that easy when you’re the one who’s searching for it, and yet it’s so easy for everyone you love dearly…” It was almost sad, but true. And definitely something that the Hatter knew he wasn’t supposed to let bother him. “Nn…? I’m afraid that’s not how it works with me.”

“If I was threatening then I wouldn’t have spared the breath to pull the trigger. However—if an unnecessary death can be avoided in this hell hole then I’ll only ‘warn’.” A thin, yet still very tired smile seemed to come to form on his features soon enough. “Never let it be said that the cold and heartless Hatter didn’t have the compassion to avoid the unnecessary by developing a new habit and disobeying his master’s orders.”

Oh, Alice wished that she didn’t knew what the Hatter was talking about, but she did. That fact was horribly engraved in the deepest of her heart: the loss of her loved ones, the pain, the suffering…

Pain. Suffering. Madness.

Yes, I know… Sometimes the more you want something, the more it’s hard to get." She remarked, looking down. How unfair it was to lose the happiness you once had — as if it was just a mere ilusion. Shattered into pieces. "If it’s a ‘warn’, then I might as well follow it.

Alice let a small, yet very delicate smile appear on her lips. She looked almost like— the little girl who was once very innocent.

Besides," the girl continued, looking less worried. "I guess we don’t want to make Alice sad. He is worried about us.

Three creatures are visiting the throne…



♔ “Good day to you all. Now speak before I lose my interest.” The Queen spokes from her throne of flesh, pallid hues gazing down at the visitors. 

I was expecting someone else." Alice remarked, approaching the grotesque throne, raising her head to gaze at the girl. She was, somewhat, very familar. "The Queen of Hearts, I suppose?

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Forgetting pain is convenient. Remembering it is agonizing. Recovering the truth is worth the suffering. And our Wonderland though damaged is safe in memory… for now.

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This Wonderland is connected to another one, a Wonderland more… Welcoming” She hesitated to use those few couple of words because she knew that Hatter would be quite upset to see more outsides. “There is a wonderful a pastry shop over there.

Alice turned to face the boy close to her, approaching him even more. Then, as if it was the most natural thing to do, she placed her pale, cold hands on his cheeks.

Excuse me.” She said, looking him in the eyes. “I think— All Wonderlands are connected by ‘Alice’ and I am Alice, so I guess I can open this little magic gate. Now close your eyes.

Wonderland? The male lacked any knowledge on what such a thing was— but he decided to put his trust in the female’s hands. The place she spoke of sounded pleasant. It sounded like it lacked horror — blood spewing creatures that twisted their limbs to and fro as they trashed around. It really was a good thing humans couldn’t see them here on Earth.

But Alice had her own creatures to worry about he assumed. Was she one of them? No. She wasn’t one of any wicked air from what he could tell— nor did she seem to be the kind to cause him open harm. « Very well. » The hands on his cheeks were almost welcomed as his lids grew heavy and eventually shut over golden iris’. 

The Wonderland she spoke about wasn’t her Wonderland, yet, little they knew about the danger.

Her Wonderland, on the other hand, was full of all sort of creatures: monsters who wanted to kill and creatures who just wanted to live. But as Alice — the blonde boy — said once, that Wonderland had it dangers too.

Nothing too different or horrifying to make her surprised, but even so she was careful with her surrondings. Alice didn’t want to underestimate the place. Wonderland was, after all, a place full of surprises — no matter which one they were talking about.

One, two, three… 

There they are, in the other side of the “mirror”. 

Do not look back." Alice warned, grabbing his chin delicately, preventing him from looking back. "If you look back your regrets will hunt you.



Let me guess, you are the Alice from another Wonderland, am I correct?

“Another Wonderland?— That is what the Cat said too but I can answer that because I’m not sure if I’m what both of you said.”

Yes, this couple of months made me find other Wonderlands, different from mine." She commented, letting a small sigh come off of her carmine lips. Every Wonderland was different, but the core was the same. Perhaps even that girl had a Wonderland of her own. "So you have meet the Cheshire Cat? Which one?

A complete stranger 



My name is Alice.” The girl said, bowing in a brief greeting. Somehow she felt very awkward in that woman’s presence. After all, she couldn’t really tell, but Eleonor was different. “Nice to meet you, Eleonor.

“Lady Alice, that’s a nice name.  Your words from earlier, I appreciate them but you’re quite beautiful yourself.”  Eleanor looked at the old place and then back at the girl in front of her.  “What bring you to this place that about to fall on your head?”

Oh no, please, I beg you to not use the ‘lady’ part. I am just… Alice." Somewhere in her mind she hoped that what she said wasn’t offend the woman. But that was the truth, like Eleonor, Alice liked to be called by her name and her name only. "I guess I am lost.